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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

Bloody freakin sweet!

Just one more episode? It has the potential to go on much further. Either way this was so cool.

Almost as good as 1/3

I liked it a lot, kinda sad that wakka had to die.
and the part that vincent died was kinda confused, a lot of
people dont seem to understand he,s dead now.
I think 1/3 had better humor,but i laughed with the bridge and baraka part. cant wait for 3/3!!


YES that kicked so much ass. i love how wakka died, brings back memories. and not to mention you used charactors from the best games EVER. all the FF's of course, alucard, mega man, baraka, plant thing from mario!!! it friggen rocked. you get all ym 5's and 10's. i have never ever given a submition this high of a rating so you are awesome obviously.... A+++++++++++

Bout time...Auron got his damn booze.

Auron is a lucky man, indeed.

I'd also like to point out that Skeletor is a badass D.J., or atleast I thought it was Skeletor.
"Both of you, just shut the fuck up." - Another famous line of the one and only Vincent.

It was sad to see Wakka go...just like Aeris...brought back memories when I was playing FFVII *thinks back to the day he finally finished FFVII*


easy as this, you've made my day worthwhile.