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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

yes all good

Corn popcorn

anyway I don't like that you killed wakka.... but anyway I would like to see vivi and/or zaddain just a camo PEZ well ten


that was beautiful..true justice to the ff storys...with some additions to it lol

noooo..not wakka...how could the jamaican white guy die nooooo!!!lol

davrilchorster u a a tard man FF7 was and still is

the best selling release of FF and FF8 was very good too i think u need to get your head out of ur @$$ because ur lame the flash ruled and dude spaceballs was awesome i think u need to leave newgrounds for being so how do u say um oh yea LAME!!!!!

Hurry and bring Part 3 already!!

OMG...this is just plain cool....WAY better than the last one. The voices of the characters were well done. I consider myself a FF fan, so I hope to see part 3 soon! And PLEASE consider doing other movies like this..maybe with characters from other FF series and some other game series as well (Xenosaga perhaps?)

freakin' sweet

if anybody gives this a bad review they must've bonged, cracked, and got drunk.