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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

haha so funny

lol, the riddle was hella funny. "whaa??" "can you repeat that agian" rofl. nice, good job!

secret sceen!

click on the corn in the bottom left hand corner before you play the movie!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! w00t! all my cheese r belong to this!


I love this series, its the best FF tribute/parody I've ever seen! Great job on this, I can't wait till the third part of this!

Toonimated responds:

come on, wait for it chaos cat!

Fantastic cant wait for more

I thought the first submission was good but this passes it by far.

Gotta Love it.....

That one was the most funny yet! I loved the Skeletor DJ....CLASSIC!

and yes, wakka is a B!tch.......everyone knows that.

To the person who wrote: our other 2 ones I laughed my ass off, but this one was boring, lagged alot even on mediem quality and I got cable internet so its not slow. I hope 3/3 is better then the 2/3.

You frieking moron. It doesnt matter how fast your connection is to how well it plays. Once it downloads your connection speed has NOTHING to do with how smooth it is. Sounds to me like your computer just sucks ass.