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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


Your work is amazing, and this installment of FF mixed in balamb is no different, good work!

Cloud will surely kill Auron

Thats what im guessing anyways since you know hes hittin on Tifa. Seph had to kill someone else but does supernova go into the sun then attacks the planet and if so why use meteor? How did he dodge it? How did she have so many phoenix downs? Why am i asking so many questions?

this series is awesome

one of my favorite series on newgrounds, i love it. my fav. one soo far was (1/3). i love the animation style, and great humor in all of them. i cant wait for part three of mib 2, and more episodes in the future. im not a fan of ff, but i like these movies. great job five out of five

Another Magnificent movie

This was another impressive movie and this one is none the less than fantastic!!! Can't wait for the third one!!!

Absolutely Flawless!!

The comic relief, The drama, absolutely flawless!! except Aurion'sw pimpish atittude, I hate those type of people!