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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

good job, FF movies rock!

i like your work, thank god for someone out there that doesn;t rip off and make crappy sprite movies! god i hate them!
why did u choose to leave out FF9?
anyway, keep up the good work. awaiting part 3.

pretty good stuff here

The characters are fairly well drawn and the backgrounds are quite good. Use of multiple backgrounds and ever changing scenery is very good. It keeps the movie flowing and interesting.
I just got into watching your stuff, and your style is improving and getting quite good.
The violence level is good for an FF movie. No qualms there
As for interactivity, nice preloader, scene selection and play options at the start and quality and captions available thru the movie. A scene selection button thru the movie playing is the only thing missing . It really is a quite long movie.
Humor is outstanding and the skeleton dance is most delightful.
Overall, a really good movie here.

Heh, heh nice one

My favourite bit was Cloud and the others on the stairs. It's just like the Shinra building in FF7. Once again, good voice acting and animation (You really drew it all yourself?!) Could you consider toning down the swearing? I find it depletes the comedy somewhat.

Very well done..But killing one of the characters?

The art and jokes were great..But I really don't get why you killed off Wakka. Was he an annoying character? I never saw him that way. I hope he somehow comes back. But you probably won't. Oh well...Great work.

It can be seen, it can be heard, it totally pwns..

It lies in Newgrounds, it reigns supreme over almost every other ff parody. It is........ this flash movie! Fantastic work!