Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"



Worthy of a series spot on Newgrounds

Speaking as a final fantasy fan, I have to say I found this hilarious. I like how you put your own spin onto the characters. Keep up the great work.

a very great movie

this is one great movie please make the third one very soon and think about making other movies that include tidus


i watched the other one and i thought it was hilarious bravo, i always love a good parody... keep up the good work

Sorry guy.

I watched the first one do to the fact that I enjoy Final Fantasy and that it got such good reviews, and I was sadly dissapointed. Due to that fact, I was extremely hesitant to watch this one, but I broke down and watched it out of respect. Heres my breakdown, I gave the sound an 8 because you had some good voice actors and I liked that you threw in some SOTN music. You got a 2 in humor because Vincent told Cloud and Squall to shut the fuck up, and thats the only part I laughed at. The graphics on the still shots were actually quite nice, and you did make a leap graphics wise from the first one. It says that I really, really, really, etc. don't want to miss the next one, when in fact I really, really, really etc. do. I will however watch it and hope Vincent tells someone else to shut the fuck up.