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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


i watched the other one and i thought it was hilarious bravo, i always love a good parody... keep up the good work

Sorry guy.

I watched the first one do to the fact that I enjoy Final Fantasy and that it got such good reviews, and I was sadly dissapointed. Due to that fact, I was extremely hesitant to watch this one, but I broke down and watched it out of respect. Heres my breakdown, I gave the sound an 8 because you had some good voice actors and I liked that you threw in some SOTN music. You got a 2 in humor because Vincent told Cloud and Squall to shut the fuck up, and thats the only part I laughed at. The graphics on the still shots were actually quite nice, and you did make a leap graphics wise from the first one. It says that I really, really, really, etc. don't want to miss the next one, when in fact I really, really, really etc. do. I will however watch it and hope Vincent tells someone else to shut the fuck up.

hahaha popcorn

thats for all those who have seen the "hidden sceen"

Pretty cool

I have no idea what the hell the last guy (dumbass) was saying. You should be proud of yours skills as an animator. If some people can't accept that, then who cares?

hahahaha That was pure genius...

Hahahahaha that part with the Baraka and his armpits... I laughed sooo hard at that part.

"Yeah you are a 'Cloud' aren't you?"
haha nice pun.

Heh, sometimes when they change expressions was funny too. great work!