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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

One word, Hilarious

Brilliant job. I am still trying to find time to breath after watching this. Please, make more! I would consider it a crime if you didnt keep doing this. Oh yeah, in reply to Clouds_Apprentice's review, all I have to say is WHAT FLASH WERE YOU WATCHING!??! Only a complete IDIOT would not find this funny. Things arent like they are in the games because it is for COMEDY'S SAKE!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!!! Overall, wonderful.


Didn't part one of MIB2 come out last week or somthing? Cool! It's even my birthday today. Oh yeah, why didn't Gilgamesh fight?

Augh... once again, dissappointing...

If I could vote less than zero, I would. But I can't. You just aren't funny. And you can't draw. And you ruined Auron. He's not a ladies man. He's completely devoid of human contact, seeing as he's dead. and Cloud is a billion times better then Squall. The only reason I won't miss the next installment is because I wish to taunt you a second time. And the narrarator asked real nice.

hey awesome

whoever does the voice of sephiroth is awesome! it sounds so like him!

Good job

Aww...Wakka died...=C...Whaaaaa? Could you please repeat that? Lmao