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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

It was funny

I lvoe this one. When Wakka died i was laughing so hard. Too bad the Phinox Downs don't work on people killed by Seperoth's sword. I loved the whole thing, but that one part was the best. Great job.


haha, nice hobbit reference.

lololol x2

everythang s gud xept that wakka dusnt deserve a classc deth like aeris' n sumtyms da charachters are kinda ugly :)

this was a very good piece

I've watched this before but decided to rewatch it and I saw how Wakka died again I love that part it's beautiful and well put in and the sounds for it too the rest was good especially the battle with the cyclops and the riddle "can you please repe NO! Damn" awesome I hope to see a part three.


It's so FUN.. where do you get it?? :D i couldn't stop laughing.. :D hope there will be more.. maybe you could work on some sort of SE.. some places the graphics are really bad and other times it's incredibly good.. but i don't blame you :D it's very hard to make good graphic in flash if you got to animate it... Keep up the good work :D