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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


i loved it my friends and i coulden't stop laughing we just kept repeating the riddle it was very funny

Damn Good

I said it once and i'm saying it twice. It is the best flash on NG. I like the graphics the sound is perfect the characters are godlike what do we want more :) but i miss Tidus somehow?! He is a funny character. But you did a very good job again. Perfect.

=D excellent

Excellent! The ff:mixed in balamb series was always great, except the last one, that one sucked.

No as good...

It's not as good as the sechond one... but it's still preatty good.


Another great artwork and creation for the continuation of the Mixed In Balamb series. I guess Dracula must've been drunk when he named his son, cuz who'd want to name their son their own name backwards? Great death scene of Wakka, truely classical and Auron is super pimp but he probably won't score cuz no glove no love. ^_^