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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


*tackles and squeels with joy* OMG! this was freakin awesome!!! Better then the last one i saw ^^ It was SO funny....I had to laugh at the dramticness of Wakka dieing, although I love him....and you made Auron into a pimp XD that was great. This was insanely good <3

Bout time...Auron got his damn booze.

Auron is a lucky man, indeed.

I'd also like to point out that Skeletor is a badass D.J., or atleast I thought it was Skeletor.
"Both of you, just shut the fuck up." - Another famous line of the one and only Vincent.

It was sad to see Wakka go...just like Aeris...brought back memories when I was playing FFVII *thinks back to the day he finally finished FFVII*

Lol, another stupid secret scene.

I mean, C'MON!!!
I liked the riddle part though, however I alrdy tought I knew the answer after the 1st time he said it, after the second time I was pretty sure.
I WAS sure after the 3th time and thank god there wasn't a 4th time.
Anywayz, I'm still lmaoing thinking about the secret scene, I mean..


Toonimated responds:

Woah!youre a genius.

Double Mega Triple Woot!!!


Still very good, but not quite as good as the first part. The story was a little more... random. And what happened to Vincent and the cyclops thing? They just went poof... or something.


fo sho

Woah woah, too l337
Nice using the Hobbit riddle and the way how they figure it out kinda like that book. blahjfegjretgjljre

Toonimated responds:

yeah, theres a parody of The Hobbit (LoTR author. XD dont worry, ill credit all in my last episode.