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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

lol krypton

that was awesome :P


it canot be seen it canot be smelt it canot be heard it canot be felt it lies behind stars under hills and empty holes it fills it comes first follows after ends life kills laghter...."Whaaaa?" "can you please repeat the riddle?"

I LOVE the riddle scene lol

Cloud is my favorite ff character. (all his expressions were so funny). This one was really good. I love watching it. Too bad there weren't any scenes with Ash getting killed again, lol ;D.

bout as good as the first

some of the same stuff regarding Wakka and Arron. I can't believe they killed Wakka, but at least they did not kill Ash AGAIN.


W00t finally i get to see that useless twit die *does a dance* oh yah wakkas dead oh yah!