Reviews for "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

god, I was about to do that...

great work, just awesome. I was askin myself or the last 3 months why no one did this before, then I wanted to do it...but never got the time, so now I'll be the 2nd one...too bad for me XD

well, congrats! Im honored to be the first one to review here...

Oh, would you be pissed if I made one like this too? it would kinda be alike, 'coz there arent much options for this one...

FolegAlmighty responds:

Haha, awesome man. Nah, do it up. Cover away.


Zomg, this is amazing. Pure awesomeness.

5, 10, dl, fav.

FolegAlmighty responds:

Thanks, friend!


not as good, bad, and ugly as the real one but very funny 10/10

FolegAlmighty responds:

I can't claim to match the greatness of sir Morricone.


I couldn't stop smiling :3
I wuvs you <3
Moar!!1 :D

FolegAlmighty responds:

Aw, twoo wuv.

Moar delivar'd, sir. Check out my other stuffs!

Tis good

Aye, tis good fer sumthin, boyo, keep it up laddie

FolegAlmighty responds:

Aye, 'tank ye kindly, boyo.