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Reviews for "DailyToon SE: Mp3_Lock"

Happy Daily Day

This SO deserves a better score than my MemoryStars, if it doesn't get it then it's a travesty
Great Flash, great music. Excellent work.


I thought it was great and well done!
- Graphics 10 - Excellent graphics and style
- Style 8, good semi unique style
- Sound 9, great use of songs and effects
- Violence 10, yes id say a HS is pritty violent
- Interactiviy - 4- it had a play/rewind button
- Humor - 9, very funny

overall- 10 it made me laugh and has good graphics, and overall thats all i really want or need =)


ahahhaah. That was funny, good job.


For great justice!

Wish I had ten of em

You're too hawt for words.

Mp3-Lock responds:

Thanks knuckles =)