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Reviews for "DailyToon SE: Mp3_Lock"


This movie is probably my favorite DailyToon SE so far today, as well as Psychojesters, the intro to his rawked. The beginning was really well done, with the Coldplay and the whatnot. Projest WYZE was a good audio selection, and Sixstar and Whitestar in the movie looked pretty good, despite Whitestar left.
the lol n00b part was funny, and the message is clear.


Happy D-Day (in reference to trenches, and daily day, oh gee, a very week pun).

Mp3-Lock responds:

actually according to the .fla, that was suppsoto be zerostar instead of whitestar, but they all look teh same anyways =P


it was nice, funny ending, and only too true too lol. Just wondering what was the music that you had playing at the end?


Half decent for one of those Daily Toon shit. Why didnt you just post it on your own if you didnt want people to automatically blam it or something? And not a dailytoon.

3/5 <--- Because it was part Daily Toon

Mp3-Lock responds:

because dailytoons are great

Yet another honest 'CabbageClock' Brand review

After seeing the entries by Grandfather-Clock and Internet-Clock, i had little hope for this animation, but you put the clocks to shame.

It was fairly enjoyable. The graphics could have been better, but the animation was smooth and bouncy and the sound was good quality, and it wasn't too short either.

I wasn't expecting any sort of moral tale, so i had to laugh when i got one at the end.

Keep it up.

Good Advice.

Cool, shit. Nice choice of music.

Geez, follow directions! It's written in the field manual! Haha!