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Reviews for "DailyToon SE: Mp3_Lock"

that was so 10 worthy

so good it gets all 10s

Mp3-Lock responds:

Thanks nanners, it was a good movie i admit. =)

Wish I had ten of em

You're too hawt for words.

Mp3-Lock responds:

Thanks knuckles =)

I think.

I think that this is the best Daily Day submission, out of all the awesomeness that was compiled into that day, this one... was the best.

Diggin the Project Wyze music, good choice dude.

"lol n00b", good call :D

Mp3-Lock responds:

Heh thanks, i did put alot of work in it so im glad its getting the positive resonce its getting now =)

its just to bad that some NG noobs voted low because its a dailytoon but what can ya do?

Great job!

I loved the ending, and everything in between.

Nice job with the smooth looking animation.

Music choice was really good.

Mp3-Lock responds:

Thanks, the song actually changed at least 3 times but im glad with the one I picked =)

A most fantastic submission!

This is a great submission, Sorry I have reviewed it so late, I was not able to be on a computer, and found out about this flash just now...

First off I would just like to say that I love the effect with the mouse, that stars popping out and such... Great job there! The loading bar is also awesome, which I always enjoy from the Star Syndicate! This is one of the best SE submission of the Dailytoon Day... J00bie had the other best. The sound was a great find, and great pick for this flash! Fit nearly perfeclty in coordination with the flash! Great work there!

I gave you a five out of five on the portal vote, and a ten out of ten on the overall review voting! Keep up the most fantastic work, and I will look forward to more submissions by you in the near future!