Reviews for "Helix - No. 6"

more for me

I really love your style, great industrial moves.
I'm burning this sh*t onto a CD immediatly. Man, you good be making money off me.
If only Industrial were more mainstream I could get some at Walmart.

Helix6 responds:

Umm. Better add some swearing so they won't sell it. :) Maybe I will start taking requests for CD-Rs with lots o music... Probably better from me via priority mail than feeding Wal-Mart more cash.

Great for the ears, and runs the imagination.

Excellent piece of work, and getting better. And yes, the simplicity of this song DOES make it great. Though, for a simple song, it seems confounding, and diverse for something like this. The music in general is not "amature," but should be considered professional work (wouldn't that be nice if I could pay for this).

The imagination part of this song just makes my brain "blackout" (in a good way) and is better than using designer drugs, (not that I tried it, but this song would probably be better). I am ready for the next best song, and you are that artist that can do that.

Helix6 responds:

OK... To the first part, I agree simplicity is vital. But weaving a deep complexity into the simplicity is just as important, whether it is lyrically or sonically or a slightly altered note scheme. The song must be simple, but also sort of surprise the listener. That is the catch and without the catch a musician will fail... I don't know if you would want do pay... :) If I charged $30 a download I would be able to make music full time. :) The fact that you call my music "professional" is very flattering, thanks. Part two: I've done the drugs and I will tell you they ruined music for me for about a year (as in not being able to write) but only now am I starting to create again minus the influence. Wehat a great feeling. And it is especially satisfying when peopl enjoy my "sober" music as much as my "high as a kite" music. From experience, the drugs are definitely a waste of time. Thanks again.


I said wow...wonderful work, really.

Helix6 responds:

Thank you.

Ind.ROCK IS T3H BETS!!!!11!1



Just flat out perfect. I love the thriving electronic bass. And how all the tones play into the song. I love the evil surroundings that this puts out. Very frightening and enjoying. I don't think the notes could've been played any better if anyone had tried. This is close to perfection, though nothing is perfect of course. I never get tired of listening to this. Keep up your works man, you have so much effort and potential put into them. And the results show. Fantastic!

Helix6 responds:

Thanks - I won't even come up with some semi-sarcastic response.