Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""


Hahahaha, Brilliant, you get a ten because this is the first time I laughed in ages.

i love you!

excellent! i loved the broken condom skit and, well, pretty much everything! more! more! this one of my top favorite flashes!

That was absolutely fabulous!

So much humour, very well drawn, good length etc. etc. You chose the sound carefully and it paid off; it fitted in like a Nike Jumper in a sports shop. The 'Mummy Returns' looked boring until the punchline which brought it right back up to a great standard. Very well done :) 94%

TmsT responds:

The delay was to see if anyone could guess what was coming... :D

that was amazing!

i dont review many submissions... usually only ones that i'd give a 10 or ones that i'd give a 0. yours earned the 10, it was fuckin hilarious. i couldn't stop laughing when bush was askin for the lego... and all of the expressions he was making were awesome. good job muthafucka.

TmsT responds:

Cheers! Thanks for the review. Every time you review a NewGrounds movie, an angel gets its wings.


...torn off by rabid molerats.

That was amazing.

This is what flash movies are about, folks. Simple and funny yet pointless animations that are best enjoyed while sleep deprived and/or stoned.
Thanks man, that was a fun ride. Kudos on the between scenes animations, that was actually worth going frame by frame just to see.