Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""

That was awesome!

It was all great! The preloader was the best preloader EVER! It could have had a chance in the portal without a damned movie behind it! This preloader > A lot of flash work.

TmsT responds:

Yeah. It's kinda depressing that a great preloader will compensate for a crappy movie on Newgrounds, so I made a really stupidly inane preloader of randomness.

pointless yet funny

i actually went to each frame to see each everthing between skits. i loved th 9-11 thing, the old black and white one ruled!

TmsT responds:

Good for you! Thanks for taking the time to appreciate it all.


I loved what you did with Bush's faces. Hilarious. The 9/11 anime part was hilarious too. 2001 stuff was great as well.The mummy was my favorite part. Awesome work.

now THATS entertaining

Truly funny. Props for mentioning a canadian actor.... My absolute favorite was the 1930's style... very true to the material! I think you could make a really funny cartoon if you used and developed the 1930's "happy buildings ect" style... Do it to amuse me.

TmsT responds:

I used to draw a whole cartoon series based around the 1930's style, but set in the modern day (with contemporary pop culture and political references). I really hope to someday adapt it to Flash. It would be fun.

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