Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""


Hell of a funny and brill tunes.


very funny mate, loved the little subliminal messages inbetween scenes

TmsT responds:

Yep, they were the most fun parts to make too.

Uber Funny

That was some funny stuff. And, that was kinda wrong about 9-11, but kinda funny in some sick way. Also, cool little "easter eggs". if you slowly speed the movie up with the >> button, you can see that clyde kills pacman by his own name! bwahaha

Totally random!

That was some serious randomness! For the most part, I enjoyed it(although that "The Mummy Returns" bit was kinda corny). Well animated and pretty funny, too! (But that Mummy thing....ah well, even that was funny) =^-^=


May I just say, that was extraordinarily impressive. You, dude, are a rarity. Not only are you proficient at flash, but you are a great writer. Just one question, not american are ya?

TmsT responds:

No sir. I'm a Kiwi.