Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""


Totally hilarious...one of the few animations on newgrounds that ill actually laugh at! Good humor and play on words and stuff....yeah so...make more or ill hunt you down like the dawg you are! ...5

TmsT responds:

As much as I love to be hunted down like the dawg I am, I think I'll make a sequel anyway.

Soooo Funny

that was absolutely great, very original and creative. I loved every single one of them :D

Truely Great

This is MY type of humour, silly, pointless and funny. Great was the bit about George Bush, I agree with you if you think he is a complete twit, name one Aussie that doesn't (except the PM). Keep them comming!


Funny and creative. Very good.


if all flash artists were like you, the world would surely be happier.

i love the bush scene !!!! I LOVE IT. I LOVE THE WHOLE DAMNED THING. I LOVE YOU.

TmsT responds:

So much love. Peace out, groovy peepz!