Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""


That was some of the funniest shit ever. Great work man! Keep it up!
P.S. You must play wolfenstein ET from the George Bush thing with all games or w/e.

TmsT responds:

Wolfenstein ET? Is that the Spielberg version of Wolfenstein where all the guns have been replaced by walkie-talkies, and the Nazis get toasted by the Arc of the Covenant? ;-)

Awesome simply awesome

That was cool man , especially the sasquatch...lol has a real ring to it.

gl hf

DDDUUUde!!! tihs animation like pwns gg...
You are a great animator and I love all your flash... :) No wonder they always wind at front page..
If I was a n00bie flash animator, you would have been my idol! :)
But i'm not... HAHA gg Pwn3d ... & stuff...
well that's it :P


One of the very few flashes that actually made me bawl over in laughter, nice job. MICROPOPE FOREVER!


Everything was so spontaneous and unexpected and managed to keep me laughing for the whole time.

Great work!