Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""

Oh my fucking god

At first, I was like, okay, it's some random flash, but the graphics are good, and the animation is good. Not that funny, but it kept me watching.

Then, the President bush thing came on, and I said to myself "Oh God, not another political commentary skit...." and then, the Jamacian colors one blew up. Computer games one. The 1930's one, that's when I started laughing out loud. Then the Anime one brought more laughs.

But NOTHING can match the Colin Mochrie one with the hyakugojyuuichi thing. That's the part of the movie that made this get a 5 and an add to favorites.

TmsT responds:

Hehehe. Glad to have won you over. I always like a good challenge!


lol this rules!!!!! i love the george bush one making fun of monkey man is just so much fun!!!! *allso easy*

TmsT responds:

Yeah... it's so easy he does it himself plenty of times too!
Too easy, really.


That's was the best thing ever!!! Micro Pope was awesome!!! This is my new favourite!!!! And Cylde... Poor sweet pink Cylde

TmsT responds:

Purple Clyde. Pinky was the pink one.
But, like the ugly duckling, Clyde came out on top and saved the day! Hurrah!

very good

you have done really well there, all those movies are nice polished pieces of work, well doe


Not too politcal to offend. Seriously funny. Good clean humor. You rock