Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""

Interesting...but funny

These were really funny skits....I loved them. Except the 9/11 part. I'm not going to penalize you for having an opinion, but you just pushed it a little far. Hehehe...Colin Mochary (sp?)...."The mummy returns" Hahaha! Good stuff!


What was the music during the George Bush, Dick Cheney dancing part, that music is from a very strange flash i saw and i NEEEED IT!! by the way nice cartoon.

TmsT responds:

The Flash - and the music - is called "Hyakugojyuuichi". It rocks. You gotta see it!
Here's my tribute to it:


That was the funniest cartoon I have seen on NG in a long time, I actually laughed my ass off. Fantastic job, very funny and very well made. On top of that it was so original... I expect this will spark a spate of skitcom cartoon from NG animators. Bootom line: some really funny shit,

Republicans Fuck off

Anyone attempting to say this is 'unpatriotic' is really missing the point I think: Bush and freinds are treating 9-11 like it IS an animation, instead of celbrating one of our few moments of national unity Cheney and Halliburton desided it was great time to show off their new patriotism by invading countrys that had NOTHING to do with 9-11!!! Who's making fun off September 11 now? The artist here is only making fun of them. The rest of it was really funny, dude. Keep it up. I'll be here to make sure it dosen't get blammed

TmsT responds:

Wow... There are people who see that scene as an insensitive joke about a horrifying tragedy, and there are other people who see it as a hilarious joke about a horrifying tragedy...
And then there's you. You got the point. Well done.

That's just not cool

It was mundane until the September 11th thing, which was offensive.