Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""


That was great. The micropope cracks me up. One thing that bothers me is that Clyde is orange not pink. Pinky is pink... you know... because hes pink.

TmsT responds:

Clyde is Purple.
Or magenta, perhaps.

not bad

not great, but marginally entertaining. I loved the reference to Neil C and hapyugojyuichi--that was nice.

Grand Flash

Loved it, Favorite one was the 9/11 proving george bushes (not so) intelect(sp)

oh and alalala take a joke


dude the 911 part ruined it all. ppl die in that and u go and make a joke out of it.


TmsT responds:

Oops! Looks like the airplanes of comedy crashed into the twin towers of good taste!

Perfect ... ......

I did like the 911 towers part. Dont get how it could considerd offencive? o well... great work... "i want to see it done with legos"

TmsT responds:

Some rather unobservant people think that it was making fun of 9/11, not George W Bush. Every day, these people hope to be offended so that they can growl at somebody and get some of that unprocessed 9/11-sadness off their chest.