Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""

My absolute favorite submission.

This was 100% awesome. I laughed out loud multiple times (Especially at the Mummy). Witty, original, stylistic, and very different (In a good way). I loved the presentation as well. This is EASILY my favorite submission on Newgrounds! You are indeed a genius,


Loved it! The subliminal messages were great, spent a good amount of time flipping through them...

This one's going straight to my favorites!

Keep it up!


TmsT responds:


Want to be in part 3? Email me.

Greaaaaaat Job

I usually hate random animation, (mostly because of all the shit we see uploaded these days) but yours is simple.. what can i say? great, funny, and inteligent, i'll really look forward for more from you
i'm giving you a 10 for being the first random animation that i like

lol Clyde

That was great, especially that ghost name was clyde.
What kinda stupid name clyde is.
Who would have the name Clyde!

Waah, nine eleven.

People died. We get it. People die all the time. Shut up.

Anyway, sweet. Liked 'em. Moar Mochrie.

TmsT responds:

Death is funny, in cartoons! :D Especially when he trips on his robe...