Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""

OMFG micropope

There was like a cross dressing chewbacca lol. I dont kno what to say. No words would sum up this flash. U r a legend. Ima gonna go watch the other ones.......


dude that flash was godlike

ok this is for all you ppl complaining that this flash makes fun of 9/11...IT DOESNT!!!!! you guys are missing the point. the flash is making fun of the presidents "view" of 9/11. dont you get it? "i wanna see it with legoes!!" think about it.

P.S. this flash rocks!!!111 micropope 4 eva!!!!!!!!


Too...many...puns! Can't...stop...talking.William..Shatner!


Those made me giggle... I shall have to watch the others now.
Very well done, too. I think it's better when you do your own animating instead of altering pictures... It looks a lot better.

Micro Pope

Is my hero