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Reviews for "DailyToon SE: UglyBastard"


my favorite was "foamy movies in a nutshell", second favorite: tribute to crybaby reviewers

UglyBastard responds:

Your work is sexy too, Jetninjin. :)

Very sexy

This collection is very sexy, my personal favorites are "LOL at hentai nazis" featuring Baron (It should've been V1Master, LOL), "Foamy movies in a nutshell", and "Tribute to crybaby reviewers". Although I liked them all, just those are my favorites in this.


UglyBastard responds:

I was going to put V1Master in it, but I didn't have a pic of him. So I used Baron. >:D

Thanks for the review.

Holy Cheese souffle!

Dude, exactly what were you aiming at? You have boggled my mine with some sick inane shit... i swear i dont think i'll ever be sane again.

This ranks up with f*cksh*tp*ss in terms of cringe factor...

I like em all! and gratz on the dailyday

p.s. The tribute to foamy was perfect, I hate that grey thing, and the know interview was halious

UglyBastard responds:

Thanks, some of the movies in this are pretty random indeed. :P

This flash is the greatest

HAHAHHAHA only make more parodys, a LF one and it would have been perfect. AND THIS IS 44,000?????? WTF? PPL JUST DONT GET COMEDY GOLD!

UglyBastard responds:

Many people on Newgrounds just think things are funny....as long as they are from overrated artists (IllWillPress, LF, etc.) these days. :(


HAHAHAHHHAAHAHAHA BEST EVUR Those kids clicked this for pron heh