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Reviews for "DailyToon SE: UglyBastard"

Very sexy

This collection is very sexy, my personal favorites are "LOL at hentai nazis" featuring Baron (It should've been V1Master, LOL), "Foamy movies in a nutshell", and "Tribute to crybaby reviewers". Although I liked them all, just those are my favorites in this.


UglyBastard responds:

I was going to put V1Master in it, but I didn't have a pic of him. So I used Baron. >:D

Thanks for the review.


the only flash that i like is:

Furries on the beach and Numa Numa Dance
that is all.


UglyBastard responds:

thanks (?)

What, so now I'm a Nazi?

Just because I like hentai, I'm a Nazi? Well, if anything, at least I don't wear glasses, and my teeth are much smaller. I also like Foamy, but you'll never see me type OMG FOMY RULZ U ASHOL as a response to a Foamy Bashing movie.
See you in the forums.

UglyBastard responds:

No no no, you're not a nazi for liking hentai. It's those people that bash and hate people that don't like hentai and vote 0 every day on hentai parodies, that are the real hentai nazis. :P

Silly, Twin_Uzis.


my favorite was "foamy movies in a nutshell", second favorite: tribute to crybaby reviewers

UglyBastard responds:

Your work is sexy too, Jetninjin. :)


My favourite is the Numa Numa Tribute, but I also like the one with Baron Von Bad Guy, and the "hey man, this is a good joint". In fact, i liked them all, but those were my personal favourites.
The new ones you threw in were pretty good as well. All great submissions. Happy Daily Day to you UglyBastard, more submissions soon to come B)

UglyBastard responds:

Thank you, j00bie. You will be missed at the Star Syndicate.