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Reviews for "DailyToon SE: UglyBastard"


Best part was the loser reviewer revieing Knox's movie =)

UglyBastard responds:

That ones my personal favorite also.

Thanks for the review. :)

Man, I creamed myself

Thats a good movie! Ill recomend it to all my friends!

UglyBastard responds:

LOL, You better recomend it to your friends or else... >:(


Very nice, indeed.

I've never seen the 4 recent ones, and I've got to say that out of those, the "Tribute to Crybaby Reviews" made me laugh, because it's true. :)

Good job, once again.

UglyBastard responds:

Thank you, once again, Eric.


Very nice.

Many interesting movies. Concrats on this nice dailyday flash.

UglyBastard responds:


LOL, xdude got zinged.

Guys with crap flash shouldn't be aloud to review, unless they have a pretty good reason (not because it bashed foamy, becuase that's the lamest excuse ever) or unless it's constructive.

A very good collection, UglyBastard, all of the DailyToon SEs were all awesome. Makes me wish I had made a daily toon, but now it's too late.

Happy Daily Day to all.

UglyBastard responds:

Thank you. Our "hentai" game now has over 75,000 views XD