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Reviews for "Helix - Archetype"


I'm glad that the Newgrounds guys made this the vs music for when you fight the other player(s) for the princess' kiss. If you would have made it into an industrial jungle it wouldn't have been as good....

Epic. Period.

I've been looking for this song for years and I'm glad I finally found it, cause it's epic. What the guy below me wrote is completely true. Talent like yours can't go to waste 'cause Every song you've ever made is great. My favorite part of this song, and most of your songs, has gotta be the beginning. I hate repeating myself, but this truly is one of your best works, in my humble opinion.


sounds amazing luv it

Which program do you use?

Hey, i'd like to know what program you use for making music? Actually i like metal, but this is great too :P. Please tell me, or if anyone else know, please let me know.



You can play this jam at any club and it'll rock the house!