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Reviews for "Helix - Archetype"

Nice and heavy. Dope track.

The review below me is so fucking retarded. This was good for 2005, and it's still great today!

it sounds as if this song was put through a car motor then to newgrounds. Still good tho, just needs improvement.

0 stars heck no
0.5 stars umm definetly! ... not
1 star ugggg
1.5 stars hey were getting up there!
2 stars how much longer!?
2.5 stars soo close!
3 stars uhhh how long will I have to wait?
3.5 stars closer...
4 stars soooooooooo close
4.5 stars dang that is close
5 stars that is perfect!

Played Blue Hell in GD (and beat it! :D) and instantly fell in love with this song, but I don't think it fits being "Industrial" very well, but that's just my opinion.