Reviews for "Earl: Killer of Stickmen"

GOD LIKE!!!!!!

This is the best movie ever. I love the parodies, especially the XiaoXiao no.3 one. LOL!!!! Make more definately....

Hope you respond flash artist DMP

Sorry I didnt enjoy this at all. It just looked goofy and waz too slow. And the last battle music...I recall that being from the Cell Saga in DBZ.... I know itz from it yeah itz ok music and all...but then u but an imitation of it...you went to far and then I just thought that I might feel more embarassed watching it...do better next time plz you have talent you just need to give it some originality (:


That Earl guy looked an awful lot like that PLAYSTATION game RAYMAN>:(

digimagprod responds:


alas, that was my inspiration...


that was jokes!

Good idea, but it needs more work

i enjoyed the speech for the boss I used to have one of those programs,I hope you put a little more work in the next ones, the fighting was really lacking