Reviews for "Earl: Killer of Stickmen"

hey this one is cool

i didn't think that the other one ripped thisone off. exept for the verry end dunk but who kares anyway


fucking moron

it was alright

but the reason allstars sucked (even though it was on the recomended list for about a week) wasnt becuz of the sticks. its becuz yours barely moved, it was more of a tribute than a parody and the sound file didnt match.
take a look at "Just Kill It" same theme better execution. you guys just gotta start admitting that you suckā€¦ not the stick

rip on everything

Haha, that was pretty cool man. I liked Nike, but this was good too. The boss was awesome, he looked like a deviled egg. How'd you do the voice? it was pretty cool. Liked the "Stickman secret lair". Anywho, make a sequel! It was awesome man.

haha, awesome

nice, liked the xiao xiao parody thrown in there. eventhough most of the blood and stuff looked pretty crappy, i think it was supposed to look that way, because most of the rest of the movie looked pretty good. you tell me. cool, make more. personally i don't care if a movie has stickmen in it or not, if the movie's good with them, then hell yeah.