Reviews for "Russian Rush [Tetris Remix]"

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INCREDIBLE remix. Well done, props.



A little more russian, a little less techno.

Definately wouldn't of used piano. Some sort of Russian folk instrument would've made more sense...but I can see that being difficult to obtain heh. I liked the steadily increasing tempo, but the sudden inclusion of a dance beat threw me off a bit. Killed the Russian folk-song vibe I was getting. You should probably build up to it more. It's an excellent idea though, and who knows, maybe something as simple as changing a few instruments around could make it a masterpiece.


The song caught me off guard at the begining, I was wondering god damit its another piano song but then BAM the pure tetris awesomeness haha, some things i dont like it that it seems to me that there is some kind of flanger or some sort, sometime like that only happens to me when i a sound is over the 0db mark and into the 4+db mark, other than that I LIKE!!!

Tetris FTW!!

5/5 - 9/10

afgc55 responds:

Thanks. That part about the flanger noise is interesting, mostly because I tried to keep the song below 0 db the whole time making it. I can't hear it on my speakers, so it could just be yours, or I'm missing it completely. =\

Anyway, thanks again.