Reviews for "Russian Rush [Tetris Remix]"

WHEW! Saved yourself

ALMOST too slow of a start for me, but then it got awesome. Wow, cool beat; GREAT ending.

Excellent. 10/10

The song name is Korobelniki. It's an old russian folk song, made famous by Tetris, which was originally a russian game. Great job on the song though, very compelling.


dude that took the tetris song to a whole new level and the slow begging made the rest even better and more intence AWESOME i love it!

And that piece there...and that one there!

Wow, I read reviews and your comments about the slow start. At first I was bored with it, but then I detected a small change in pace. It wasn't big, no just a little speed up in tempo, put I got curious

Ooo, there was another one!

This little speed up made me move my mouse away from the low scoring icons..and peaked my curiosity, then BLAM! Your piece shot up in tempo and I was pretty much laughing and thinking about trying to play tetris to that speed.

"Engaging level 2546" sprang to mind, even though it wasn't that fast! It just seemed that after the slow satart, poicking up speed, it was just....yeah, you get what I'm getting at!

fuck yeah

awesome mixx