Reviews for "Russian Rush [Tetris Remix]"

Nice intro

Good song, you just went a little over-board with the gross beats on the melody.

Not the best...

I've seen a ton of tetris remix', (Tune's addicting.) This is not the best, but not the worst either. It seems crazy that the intro should be 1/3rd of the song. Maybe over that one minute span, you could increase the speed the more it progresses into the song. Then make a sorta blast ( Dunno music terms) then go all crazy fast. But right when it goes crazy, I'm really blown away with that. 10 because, obviously, IT'S TETRIS!!!


loved the start pretty good


I liked the slow beginning. The solo piano served as a kind of "remember this?" sort of thing, then it explodes into craziness! Hahaha.

I love this song! I knew it as Korobushka/Korobeiniki before I even heard it on Tetris (I never really got into Tetris that much...). So of course I love when it is made into something as cool as this!


I enjoyed the slow beginning, sort of got me ready for the faster part.