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Reviews for "Quantum Foam"

What is this world coming to?

Gavin Shapiro's 'Squares 2' sits at 3.66 and never won any award.

This gets daily 2nd and sits at 3.79 when it's a blatant copy of all the ideas used in that game.

Even the bonuses/penalties are exactly the same!

Just the player now has 9 lives and the square has been switched for the cat, operated with keyboard controls.

Personally, I don't think the keyboard control suits the game as well and 9 lives are far too many for a game of this sort. The frantic 1-life games of Squares 2 have much more onus on a decent performance and feel far more 'pure' an arcade experience.

The cat's nice looking, I suppose.

But I think it's terrible copying ideas like that and pifering them for commercial products.

Pretty fun

Its a fun game, but needs more to be added on such as levels and more different kinds of foam.

It's ok

Its a good concept but it needs levels and stuff like that.

hmmmm.. i dont know

i dont really like it.. it is too simple for me and yet i cant get a high score... nice animation

loved it

i loved it
I personaly was surprized by the quality of the cats movement

keep up the good work

one man army is a nutcase(puting it nicely)