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Reviews for "Quantum Foam"

First review in over 5 years, wow, almost half the way to when the game was published, and there are 47 pages of reviews. You people need to stop restricting yourselves to new releases. If it was worth a look then, it is now.

Pretty much agree with the one below, indeed, a game is not a game if there's no way to win it, though it is what it is. But that's too common a category of "game" to really call shenanigans on it because of it. There's a new one that's even worse, after all, the type of you can't lose. You buy upgrades and rinse and repeat and every time it's easier because you get "money" which you use to buy more upgrades. Though I guess you could make a game out of the task of winning it as fast as possible.

But what annoys me is how shoddy the instructions are. So the round purple quarks are good and the salmon colored ones are bad. But the hexagonal ones, it suggests on the last page maybe the colors are reversed, because it shows the list of punishments next to the one that's the "good" color and the list of bonuses next to the one that's "bad". But no, it's just shoddy design of the instructions. Now if the colors WERE reversed, I think would be a good way to do it. It would be more challenging that way, if you don't just unilaterally sort them by color, but have to remember it's backwards when going for the special quarks, and are likely to go for one by color but be like "damnit, it was purple but it wasn't purple and ROUND", but nope, the author didn't think of doing that, purple is always good and you can reduce it to just chasing purple an avoiding salmon or whatever I should call that, it's not exactly red on my screen. And here I thought cats would like salmon, heh heh.

At any rate, it's not that interesting a game.