Reviews for "Shyguy's Flower"

vote 5

that art work was some slick stuff, very good animation. im proud to be your father

Very cute!

I like the banjo-kazooie clickclock wood winter music!

An interesting look at shyguys...

...who are normally out to kill mario and crew whenever possible.

I like this one. Definitely short, cutsie, and kinda random, but not objectionable.

Keep 'em coming.


It reminds me of Babies

LOL its really cute really its Cute I dont know but it reminds me of all the little baby cartoons I use to watch when I a just a little egg Awww see its just really cute. The love Bunny detects a memory of true puppy love and gives !,000++++


i like your movies really much you must make others

oh yeah , this was the 5te time i looked to the trailer of "Tails saves the day"