Reviews for "Shyguy's Flower"

Nice movie

A cute little movie that explores what happens when shyguys try to pick flowers...


I loved the art style, and even though it didnt make much sense, it was still, dare i say, cute

Aww, don't be so hard on yourself,

it was a good ending. I really liked that, it was very cute. I like the colors you used throughout the movie which gave a very light, children's story feel to the whole thing. Super-extra-bonus points for style (moved you from an 7 to a 9) because it was very original as well as being cool. And don't listen to any asshole who says this was stupid because ignorant humans are rampant nowadays.


It was cute and sweet and the colors were great... but was the naration really necessary? I think the story was told pretty well by just the animation and I found reading it kind of distracting.

Still it was great. ^_^

Loved it!

Thought it was awsome! SHY GUYS ROCK! Keep up the awsome work! Oh yea, the ending was great :D