Reviews for "Shyguy's Flower"

Not bad

Where is that music from. It sounded so familiar yet so distant.


i thought it was cute. the ending was pretty funny.

response to last review--go read it b4 this

dont any one ever, EVER insult Banjo-Kazooie or I will have the entire italian mafia burn your house down-- WITH NATURAL GREASE FROM THEIR OWN HAIR! TrueInsanity sux.

cant think so fuck it

hey i liked it, kinda weird at first but i liked the animation, reminded me of Pink Floyd's The Wall kinda, but hey its all good,

::see you space cowboys::
plus your names tara too so kudos to you

YEAH totally awsome

i loved the artwork, i thought using a character from a rather retro game such as from the Mario series in a story like that was awsome, and by the way i never thought i would ever hear that music again, omg, i know exactly where that music came from and if you didnt get it from a rather annoying Nintendo 64 game involving a lame bird and a crappily done bear i am totally lost. all and all i thought it was great. And if you know what game i was talking about you either know your games or you made a big mistake buying that game.