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Reviews for "Battle Medic"

Amazing, well done Shad.

The different angles and shading don't really agree with each other. For example you got the dude in the front with shadows on his right side. But then the shadow he casts on the ground is in front of him to the left. And heightening the intensity of the explosions would have helped. Right now you have these like lukewarm grayish explosions. They should at least have a white core to make them pop. Definitely some of your better work, tho.

first off.. did the guy below me call that an ak? lol.. w.e
great piece of work you got here! the use of shadows and choice of color gives a dark and mysterious feel.
but oh how curious i've gotten to see a german side to oppose this american one lol

You are awasome :) I just loved The soldier holding ak47 his details are awasome! Like Bandages.. Shadings etc! I loved it Its awasome bro We are on your back!

wow respect bro
great color you used here, gives a kinda empty feeling
and the m4 sherman you have drawn looks absolutely amazing (but i guess the star is normaly on the side of the tank or?)
anyway gj