Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

An excellent blend

This was an excellent blend of characters from FF VII, VIII and X.
This good blend (which was also in the first movie) is complemented by the humour (which wasn't as good in the first film). Plus Sephiroth's anger was funny...he pwns.


This is an improvment over the first one (and the first one was already great). It was very funny and entertaining.

greatness pure greatness

This last guy really needs stop playing final fantasy, stop watching star wars, go outside and get laid. These rival the legendaryfrog final fantasy spoofs (and part 3 wasnt a big let down). please make anthor set of them

This is so funny.

The beging vocies came for the zelda games didn't but it was stoll a good flash.

its as good as the first one

LOL i like how you split them. and you killed that pokyman guy again. but wasnt he wearing an adidas hat before? LoL i hope wakka dies to cause the only word he says in ffx is ya or somtin like that. i dont know i havent played it in 2 years