Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


Okay, despite the reviews of the 1000 fanboys who are upset because chars from xx game werent added, I think that was truely the BEST Final Fantasy spoof I've ever seen.

The humor was right on target, you didn't even need to be a Final Fantasy fan to laugh at it.

Voices were VERY well done, and they matched the characters extremely well.

Animation and Graphics, Perfect.

From Crono getting his head chopped off to Supernova destroying Krypton, this one kept me watching and laughing.

Please, Keep it up!


Done with a mouse... interesting! Ok... The scene where ash got whacked was funny...so...overall...nice.


I dont know what FatherTime is complaneing about that waz cool but he is right when he says "more hot chick brest jiggling" next episode show aron n his group

Woot again

Dang, You are the bossa nova. this is even way better than the first one. You are boss. keep being boss, boss


Supernova >>>> Superman.

Nuff said.