Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

lol omg that was good

Well made, cheeeeese man, I didnt expect it to be that good. the only thing amiss though was the exagerated voices... you can make that a little better, common i know you can.... you can do it lol

anyways 5/5 for sure.


That was hilarious i was one of the peeps that enjoyed the 1st episode and this is even better the work is fantastic keep at it and i found the secret scene :o) for all thos ethat didnt it was.... NARRATOR: will parasite13th tell where the secret scene is and go against the wishes of the author? Parasite13th: No i wont im a good chap

Toonimated responds:

Good chap!


The best movie ive seen on newgrounds yet.

very wonderful

this one really made me laugh as well as the second one,this is a great flash movie that deserves a medal for being so darn good^^
this is somthing that could be eternal...that is if i'm not crossing the lines :P

Still lovin' it!

Once again, you fail to impress me! My favourite of the two, and really funny. I jjst generally like the style and feel of it, although you can't really feel it, because it's a movie, unless it is on a tape, but it is not. I sound like Mojo Jojo...
I hope Wakka doesn't die, he was me second favourite FFX character (after Lulu)