Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

Man Wakka's such a baby.

I hope Sephiroth kills him and the show will continue. Otherwise good job.


Another great one!!! Can't wait till the 2nd and 3rd are ready, plz hurry up ^^

I wasn't really going to review...

But one dumbass's review caught my eye.

very nice February 5, 2005

Reviewed by: XxJoEjOexX Overall Score: 10

I REALLY LIKE!!!! hahaha the secret scene was kool... and it was from something i heard from, an old joke, nice though... supernova was crazy =) supermen cant even stop it, and u made sepheroth look like he wus using gameshark or someting lol 9999/9999 hp, very very nice though.

Graphics: 10 Sound: 10 Interactivity: 0 Style: 10 Violence: 10 Humor: 10

Seriously, If you think that gameshark would get yuou 9999 hp, your wrong. 9999 hp is probally the easiest thing to achieve in Final Fantasy 7. Plus how he types. 'wus' 'kool' 'u'. But yeah I just had to comment on how newbish that guy was. Some newbs on Newgrounds now a days.


Back to this movie, this was an excellent installment to the mixed in balamb series. The drawings during the Cloud and Squall fight was nicely done, but it could of been more smoother face. Their face were like, "ARRRRGHH" with a bunch of lines. I didn't like that effect. But, none the less, you did an excellent job, and earned it man. Top 3 in ng. Can't wait to see more.

Fun Fact: This is the longest review i've ever made.

Much Better

The first episode showed a great deal of promise and this movie came through. It really shows that you refined your techniques when it comes to character drawings. It also had a great deal of great humor. However, Pokemon will never truly die. It'll just keep coming back and back and back from the dead. It just won't go down!


Very nice work! It wasnt as funny as the first one but it was definatly cooler. Very nice recreation of supernova. Awesome job, keep up the good work.