Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

Awesome movie!

Your first FF: Mixhed in Balamb, was alright, but you really outdone yourself on this one. The graphics and sounds are incredible. Lots of humor everything a movie needs. 1 think you could work on, coloring all the pictures in fully, i saw some white spaces in some of the pictures, other then that its perfect!

(So sephiroth destroyed Krypton, I knew it!)
Btw that secret scene wasent very secret, i thought you had to press on the screen to watch the actualy movie XD

9/10 5/5
Good Work


lol omg that was good

Well made, cheeeeese man, I didnt expect it to be that good. the only thing amiss though was the exagerated voices... you can make that a little better, common i know you can.... you can do it lol

anyways 5/5 for sure.



I think that about sums it up. Two thumbs up!! ^_^


My favorate part was the look on Sephiroth's look on his face when he was like "What the fuck? It was Ash?!" LOL That was gold
5/5 for you my friend


This movie is one of the best movies I've ever seen one Newgrounds(the best site on the web^^). The music, the animation plus the fact you've drawn all characters by mouse, just briliant!!

Five thumbs up!!

Wakka is from FF X(playable character) and FF X-2(Nonplayable character), he actually has a weapon: a Blitzball-ball and he doesn't need to be killed, he's cool, ya!^^
Sephiroth's song is called: "One winged angel" by Enya Choir(the title is correct, but I don't know if Enya Choir is correct).

And next time when you write a review check your grammar!:P
And maybe look things up on the net!