Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


That was terrific...I am speechless...The graphics were way better then the first one even though the first one was awesome to...You have a talent and its great that you are using it...I expect to see much more of your work and I bet I will continue to enjoy it as I have been...Keep up the good work


I thought, though only seeing the first, that this looks like an interestingly entertaining work. I enjoy the art, humor, and obvious hard work put into it. Krypton was a nice touch. And the flailing Wakka was cute. Although, I must admit, with the characters changing appearance so often it was a little hard to follow. One moment Quistis has squinting, almond-like eyes, the next big bubbly blues. I suppose that was different animators and their styles. Aside from that small irritation, very well accomplished. I look forward to the next instalment. ^ ^

Haha, another great peice of work guys!

I can't wait for the second of the three! :3 I WANT A REPLY TOO! WOOT! X3 but again, great job!

fucking awsome

dude honestly...you took 2 of the best games ever! (castlevania SOTN and FF) and put them together...it was awsome. i need more though. cheers

Worth the wait

And a few good piece of animation it was too, the menu screen from the start was professionally done. Thing about most flash movies is that there is little interactivity once it's started. The short bit about the parties was an ingenious thing to do, so i gave it 10 there for originality. Can't wait for the next one