Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"


I thought it was ok, some parts graphics are great, other not even mediocre. And the voices annoyed me a bit, but it was good creativity and such you mught say.

Very Creative

I like your little twists with other characters outside the Final Fantasy universe, it makes me happy. I gave you graphics and style 10's because there all great drawings, yet you dont stick to the same kind, I like how you go all cartoony at times and serious at others. Its great, change of style without scraficing quality. And your secret is safe with me ;).

~Antün Boyd

Oh like wow

This is a exelent flah man and way better than mine as they always get deleted. The story line was great and the secret.... no i wint tell as the narrator said. is there one in each installment or 3 in just THIS ONE

Toonimated responds:

Actually, theres 3 in this flash, but all people gets the easy one

Absolute Genius.

Good job. I'm positive a lot of people have the great idea of combining the many different stories from the dynasty franchise that is Final Fantasy, but I must congratulate you on doing an excellent job on actually following through on it. Awesome job.

Toonimated responds:

hahaha! Thanks dude!

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"holy hell didnt watch whole thing, story line from the new ps2 castlevania, another castlevania song from SOTN, i love u"