Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(1/3)"

Great animation...but the voice actors...

As said, the graphics are awesome...but some of the voice actors...well...some of them have accents that are painful to listen to. Others are melodramatic...and yet, they practically whisper into the mic (or whatever sound-recording device was used...I'm assuming it's a mic, because anything else makes no sense....and this subject can stop about now...) and deliver sub-par performances. If they're going to over-dramaticize rage, THEN FUCKING SCREAM! USE YOUR VOICE AND PROOOOOJECT!
I'm not sure how many people worked on the voices, i'm assuming at least three though, because a lot of the male characters sounded the same.
Sound-bitching aside, most of the jokes entertained me, while some were utterly painful to sit through. I loved sephiroth's drawn-out supernova attack (just like the game!)
Hoping to see some improvement in the next one, and don't break that art style.

Toonimated responds:

hehe....Its only one male voice!!!

great job!

what happend to yuna?

what happened to the QT rikku?

Best FF Parody yet

Really an improvement in graphics and just as funny as the origional. can't wait for part 2 & 3 of Balamb 2. I only marked a 5 in interactivity since its a movie, except for the part with the map.

that was freaking good

i liked that, you made an exelent work, even in that secret part of where is tidus, I hope you finish the others soon but what can i do, see ya next time

The Best One Yet! Keep Up the Good Work.

That was the best one made by you. Thanks for the entertainment.